• Graduates

    Personalized photo session - street-style or studio - for the Graduates and High School Seniors.


    Your images will show your personality and interests. And your photoshoot will be enjoyable.


    You can change up to 3 outfits to create different looks.


    'Street-style package' includes a photoshoot on location, an album with 20 photos and their websize digital copies and a video clip. 

    'Premium package' is accompanied by the stylist who creates up to 5 different looks. 

    I will make 20 images, you will choose 10 to get printed and packed in a leather box, their digital copies, a video clip.


    *Each package can be shared by up to 5 people.

  • Personal branding portraits

    Be the face of your business!

    Stylish portraits for your social media and websites, reflecting your personality and representing you professionally. 


    I will make a variety of portraits and you will decide which of them you want to get. 

    Makeup and styling are complementary in my studio and are done by the best artists. 

    You can change up to 3 'looks'.


    I also make CORPORATE headshots for businesses. I deal with banks, insurance companies, real estate offices and other businesses providing luxury products and services. 


    If you want your business look expensive and high-end make sure you choose the right photographer!


  • Family Portraits

    Elegant, magazine-style portraits of your family will become a part of your family's legacy for the next generations.

    It can be done in the studio, on location or in your house.


    Our team will take care of each person to look perfect. You can change 3 outfits for different looks.


    It's a stress-free photoshoot in a relaxed atmosphere, with snacks and drinks.

    Makeup and styling is made by the best artists, in my studio.


    The portraits will be delivered to you printed and packed in the USA and Italy, made with the highest level materials. You will also get digital copies, wall prints and a video clip.




  • Individual Portraits

    Women of different ages are welcome to my studio for the TRANSFORMATIONAL PHOTOSHOOTS. 

    Celebrity-style or casual portraits, fine art or creative portraits - tell me how YOU want to be photographed and let me make it for you.

    I can capture you the way you want it, the way you feel yourself. 

    I will find your best angles and poses, I will get your real emotions and expressions.


    My team of stylists, makeup artists and designers will create ANY  'look' at the highest level. 


    You will get high-end printed portraits, their digital copies, wall prints and a video clip.


    But what is even more important you will FEEL different: empowered, relaxed, happy. 


    Make it at least once in your life. To get your best photographs ever. 

  • Kids Portraits

    Funny and relaxed kids photosessions in the studio or outside.

    For the kids aged 1 year and up.

    Any of your photo ideas can be brought to the shoot, which will be carefully planned and prepared in details. We can change up to 3 'looks'.


    You will get beautiful portraits, printed and packed in the USA or Italy, their digital copies, a video clip.



  • Maternity photography

    Beautiful way to save memories about this period of your life. 


    We can offer different styles of maternity photoshoots and you will choose yours. 


    You will have a cherishing photoshoot and enjoy the whole process. My professional team will take care of you looking and feeling perfectly.


    The pictures will be delivered to you printed and packed in the USA and Italy, made with the highest level materials.


    You will also get digital copies, wall prints and video clip.


  • Dream Package

    If you are ready to experiment we can make your imagination fly or give you some action.


    We are ready to move on location - no borders!


    The session fee is counted individually depending on the location, duration and difficulty of the task.  




  • 'First Year' package

    The best way to tell the story of this life-changing year.


     First smile, first steps, first birthday. We can be with you at every of these moments and create beautiful emotional images and a videoclip.


    The package includes 3 mini sessions during the first year: pregnancy, first month, first year.  You will choose 30 images to be included in the ALBUM.