Thanks for your interest to my services)

I'm professional Portrait Photographer. Originally from Russia I reside in Jordan with my family. I work in my cozy studio in Amman and outside.

Emotional side of the pictures is quite important for me and I focus on it. My task is to show personality, feelings, relationships and atmosphere. That's why I will try to know you better before photosession and will take care of relaxing and fun atmosphere during the session. I guarantee you will enjoy your session and its results:) 


If you are interested in any of my services please contact me in advance to schedule the session and reserve your time. We will discuss all the details in person, via whatsup or by phone.

There are no any pre-payments for reservations. The session fee should be paid in the day of the shoot while your images can be paid when you pick them up. So there is an option to devide your payment into 2 parts with 3-4 weeks' gap.

As a result you will get a number of high quality images both printed and digital depending on the package chosen. 

I will be happy to make your memories alive and to keep your life's best moments in the emotional and beautiful pictures. 


Anastasia Casey, photographer